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This is the place were we introduce you to a range of student companies, the fruits of a project students carry out in the first year of the International Business Program at AMSIB, the Amsterdam School of International Business.



Co-Creative Entrepreneurship (CCE) is the name of the project our students do in the first year of their International Business program at AMSIB, the Amsterdam School of International Business. In small groups students are assigned to develop a number of business models; in doing so they compete with each other. The business models are presented to investors in Dragon’s Den sessions, the best ones are selected. These are turned into real companies. Running the companies – that is: demonstrating that the business models are viable, profitable and creating value for society – is the next assignment.

In February over 600 students started, now around 60 companies have been established. Here we introduce you to the companies. Each ‘tile’ below represents a company. Click it to get access to a number of links (icons) to the company’s website, the company’s social media, a video commercial, to place an order in the webshop, to contact the company or to join a Zoom meeting (camera icon) with a sales person on Tuesday May 25 from 15.30 to 21.15.

It is not easy to develop sales channels under the current circumstances. It would be great to welcome you as a customer. Watch the video commercials. Take a look and spread the word, please!

You are welcome to meet AMSIB at: